Things I Remember From When I Was In The Hospital

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I remember just before i was put under, the anasthesiologist lady asked me if I was going to have a phone in my room.(stupid question, but she was trying to distract me,)
" Um.. yeah, i guess so?"
"Who are you gonna call?"

Next thing,I remember, it was several hours later and I had just woken up in the ICU.


Once i I was put in a room, I remember the kid that was in the bed next to mine was a six year old with cognisance of a six month old, he had just had a procedure on his hand i think it was. He often cried, which was annoying yet strangely comforting as well.

I remember one day I got wacked out from too much morphine. There was a get well ballon not far from the foot of my bed. Over the course of the day the ballon started to change shape... That night I was having all sorts of crazy "fever-dreams" , muttering in my sleep , etc... I had enough wits about me to realise that I was talking in my sleep so I force myself to wake up. The ballon had changed into a clown's head.
" Hey kid!" the ballon/clownhead growled at me, " You wanna take it outside???"
How the hell does he expect me to fight in this condition?
i wondered.
There was no way I could accept his challenge but I still had to respond
" Fuck You Clown!"

A nurse came into my room?

"What's going on?"

" He started it!" I said pointing to the balloon/clownhead
" Motherfucker wants to fight me. Look at me, I can't fight like this!"

" I think it's time we take you off the morphine"