This is the thanks I get

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Our family finally had our Christmas get together today. Me and my parents bought my oldest sister a couple of fantasy books like she suggested we buy. This is like a half hour ago(2am-ish): I'm downstairs with my oldest nephew (who is only a few years younger than me) and his mom (my oldest sister) and we're watching LOTR and she says softly to him "they're stupid books, I'll never read them....but at least she got me books." Oh, wow. FUCKING wow. Could you insult me a little more? Like WHAT THE FUCK? How can you say that when I'm IN THE FUCKING SAME ROOM? God.

She was so drunk that she probably either didn't realize I was there, or thought she was talking so softly that I wouldn't hear her.

The thing that really stings is that when she opened her gifts earlier today she was all "Oh, these are great." Not exact words but you get the picture. She acted like she really liked them and I believed her. And my mom was all "Oh, I'm glad cause we went there and (me) picked them out." I feel bad cause my mom believed her lies too and she's oblivious to the truth. Much like I was a few hours ago.

What a fucking BITCH. I'm sick of people who are SO fucking fake.

And my other sister, whom we didn't know what the hell to buy, had the same sort of expression when she opened her gifts and my mom said to her "We didn't know to buy you, but we knew you liked this author and we bought you one of her books years ago, so we just thought you might like them." My oldest sister jumped in and said "Oh, she loves her books"...FAIL YOU LIAR! They'll probably have a good little laugh later this week deciding on who got the worse gift. FAKES!!!!!!

Fuck it. I'm not wasting any more of my time buying presents for people who don't appreciate them. I seriously spent the last week(excluding Christmas Day, obviously) going out and and out and out and FUCKING OUT looking for presents for all of them and this is the fucking thanks I get? I wasted half of my winter break, from school, on THIS?! Like wtf???????????

I'm so pissed right now. I honestly wish that I could start this week over. I would:

- Let my mom buy the generic gifts(cologne, creams, ect...) she was originally going to buy them all, get all the shopping done in one day.

- OR go along with my dad's idea and not have bought them anything and told them not to come.

- I would've treated myself by sitting on my ass all week playing the video games I bought months ago that I never got a chance to really dive into. And indulge and revel in the awesomeness that is Dragon Age.

Next year I'm not doing any of this bullshit. I just want to be excluded from the whole thing. I want no effing part of it.


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That's awful! My family instituted the whole secret santa/white elephant thing a couple years ago just to get rid of all the present pressure and it worked pretty well. We aren't doing it anymore but I think it helped us not focus on the gifts and more the fun of Christmas. Hope things go better next year!

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Thanks :)

That's great that your family found such a neat way. Not sure my family would go for such a thing, though. And actually it's usually a really great day and we have a lot of fun and I get to see my nephews. In fact I look forward to it more every year. But this year was all ruined by that one lousy comment at the end of the, morning. All because she drank too much and decided to stay the night.

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Erm. Well. Insincere thanks

Erm. Well.

Insincere thanks are sort of part of Christmas gift-giving, you can't always hit on the perfect thing. Like, I recieved an extremely frilly terribly coloured blouse once, and I had to pretend I liked it to avoid offending everyone. You're not supposed to say "wow, this is the worst gift I have ever gotten" even if it really IS the worst gift you've ever gotten.

The obliviousness is part of it, too. You hear "oh, I love this so much, thanks!" and then you go and feel good about it. Yeah, you don't know better, but then at least you can carry that false hope.

Thing is, you're supposed to make someone believe you really liked it, but she blew it and that blows.

Yeah. Fake people suck. But sometimes, genuine real people have good reasons for being fake.

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I've calmed down a bit since yesterday but it doesn't take away from the fact that it hurt. I mean, she called them stupid books! I'm not going to get into it but there's also more than just what I chose to post in my journal. Things that no one would understand unless they were me or in the situation.

It just bums me out that I wasted a whole week trying to find them all nice gifts, and it wasn't appreciated at all. I'm never going to try and buy them special gifts again...too much work. Generic gifts from now on!

Also, yep I get that she didn't want to hurt our feelings or anything but...ugh, she epically failed. Wish I had never heard her say that.