well, there's a good thing

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i'm actually starting to miss devon again...slightly...i'm hoping it'll grow...but then, maybe i'm actually using her? because i know i've been in love with the idea of love...that would be terrible. both to devon and me. why did she agree to be my girlfriend? i honestly dont see any good qualities in myself, and i'm NOT panning for compliments, pity or assurance...bleh...well, at least i got started on writing again...i had stopped for a while...

on another note

i checked hard love out at the library...it's by the same author that wrote parrotfish. they have it at my library, but it's checked out at the moment. hard love i think is pretty cool so far...i think that kinda inspired me. i suggest you read it. or not. i'm in a bleh mood right now. as you can kinda tell...ok...

50 points, cookies and hugs


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what's hard love about? cuz

what's hard love about?
cuz i loooooooveeeedddd parrotfish.

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Hard love is amazingggg.

Hard love is amazingggg. Really, I loved it enough that I went and found another book by the same author... now wait, what was it... oh yeah, parrotfish. xD

Really though. It's awesome. It has a whole bit on shakespearian insults... how epic is that? xDD

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I think...

You're putting too much pressure on yourself.

Just because your in a relationship doesn't mean you have to be perfect.

Take a breath.

Let things come as they will.

<3 FLAME ON! <3