Any other ranters??????

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Who else lives in a state that doesn't allow Gay Marriage?????? I do, I live in AK!!!!! With Palin!!!! *spits on ground* Injustice!!!!!!! Does anyone else feel the need to TP the white house??? because even though Obama is cool, he doesn't believe in Gay marriage!!!!!! Love is illogical, for Storm's sake!!!! Jeez!!!!!!!!!!!

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well I sometimes rant, I have my moments. =) I also live in a state that doesn't allow gay marriage and the last I checked doesn't even have any kind of law for or against gay adoption. I live in GA. Palin? Yikes! Didn't she say she chose not to be gay? Yeah soooo glad she isn't in charge. I like Obama, but yeah I'm disappointed in the stand he takes on gay marriage. BUT he did sign the Hate Crime legislation for LGBT people, and he says he wants to end workplace discrimination and DADT. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Yeah love is illogical. Sometimes I almost think it's funny, how all these middle aged and old aged politicians are anti-gay marriage, when their kids are within the generation that is most accepting of gay marriage and LGBT equality. Like Meghan McCain. I wonder how they can be so blinded by their own ignorance though, someday the laughs on them when they have to explain to their grandchildren why they were so mean to gay people. Well clearly I just had a ranting moment, lol.

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love is illogical, and true

love is illogical, and true love's pretty rare, so we should be able to run with it when we get it!
and Meghan McCain is pretty much my favorite Republican of the modern day. She's fantabulous.

Now for the rant: I heard campaign promises of a "strong advocate" for LGBT rights. Okay, it's better than someone screwing us over, and the Hate Crimes Act is a start...but DO SOMETHING, man! Listen to Jane Lynch (b/c she's amazing and says it more concisely than I ever will...and the rest of the article's good too).

I'd normally be in the mood to rant, but my mental faculties are operating at low levels at the moment. I'll come back! bwahahaha.