baby loves to dance in the dark . ^^hasquestionsfoaryou!

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UN. I've been hiding from Oasis the past few days... I mean, I haven't had much time to post, but I guess I'm a bit ashamed of stuff I've done. I don't even want to look at comments I got on the journal I posted friday/saturday. . . I will, eventually I guess. It's probably one of the things I wish I had never done...

TWO. I've actually been in a really, really good mood the past two days. I don't know why. I'm just trying to not bother myself with stuff that brings me down.

THREE. I've posted some of my photos to facebook. Here's a public link : . You can add me on facebook if you want, make sure to tell me you've found me through here, even if you're not a user. I'd like to know your opinions :) Link will be removed in 2-3 days.

FOUR. I've decided that I'm done with X. I've said it before, I know... But at the same time, I've lost this battle. I've been hurt too much. I'm not even really hurting. If anything, I feel sorry for X. I would never want to live the way he does. Even though he's surrounded, he's alone. I hope for him that he'll be able to really love someone one day, and that that person will have the patience and heart to deal with him.

FIVE. I've been listening to Dance In The Dark by Lady Gaga alot recently. I could drown myself in the beat. The song knows me... I want to dance in the dark, I don't want anyone to see how messed up I am. Oh, and Gaga is a genius.

Another song that I really love is Samson by Regina Spektor. It's so honest. It makes me feel so many different things.

Music is a powerful thing.

SIX. Joe Jonas is on American Idol right now, and his half-stache is disturbing me.

SEVEN. i forgot,.. ahahahah (X

Okay, your turn, I want to get to know you all :D :
1. Ever done something you're not proud of? (okay, we all have.) Wanna talk about it ?
2. How are you right now ?
3. What are your hobbies ?
4. What's the hardest thing you've had to do? (bytheway:i'mnotsayingthatditchingXisthehardestthingi'vedone.atall.)
5. Any song suggestions?

yeah, the questions are boring. (X whatever.


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My turn!

Ok so, i'm new here, today's my second day so, bare with me here.

1.Yeah i did...i'd be comfortable talking about it i private wit someone i trust, but not here...not now.

2.I'm feeling pretty good rite now. Jamming out to old cd's i haven't looked at in ages.'s truely been too long.

3.I play the guitar, sing, widdle, and i wirte a lot too. I'm a huge athletics dude so getting a good physical burn is amazing. Though i don't talk about it much... i also love to fight. It sounds mean, but to feel your own flesh, your own being...who you are overcomeing someone else on grounds noone could ever denie. To stand over the small shred of dignity they have left and to stomp it into ashes always gives me huge thrills. But i only enjoy it when i'm doing this to someone who has either hurt me, or has hurt someone i care about.

4. comment.

5. I recommend some guitar instrumentals, but that's just me. I like ALDO on youtube, and some good old Esteban is classic.

6. I used to have a goatee...though cowboys usually have mustaches, i looked freaking amazing with this thing! had to shave it 'n pa thought it looked satanic.

That's me!

"Don't cry because i'm gone, smile! Because i was here!"

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:D welcomee if ever you want

:D welcomee
if ever you want to talk about stuff, PM me, and I'll get back to you . <3 :)

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1.Lots. Had sex. 2. Getting

1.Lots. Had sex.
2. Getting better. Could be alot better though...
3. Music, definitely. I love playing viola and piano. Or cooking, or drawing, or writing.
4. Ermmm... Giving up the one I love and watching him fall in love with my best friend who I love too? >_>;; Otherwise, it'd be living in general.
5. Depends on your mood. I love all music. Hah.
6. Not all the time. I like a little moustache maybe.
Sometimes I like to sit at night and stare at the lamppost because it's the brightest thing in my life...