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I got Rose of No Man's Land, Far From Xanadu, and Dragon Age : The Stolen Throne, today. All from the library. I meant to get Annie On My Mind, but completely forgot it by the time I got there. Arr...I hate it when that happens! But oh, well. I have too many to read as it is. I started to read Rose already and quite like the way it's written, it definitely seems like it could get good. Now I just have to pick out which book I want to take with me on the bus ride to school tomorrow....

I've already decided to keep Rose at home because I'm enjoying it, so now to choose XD


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the year they burned the books

is also pretty good...hear us out...and...rage....this one's by julie anne peters, but the first two are by nancy garden, same as annie on my mind

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)

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second that

The first two, anyway, haven't read the third one she suggested... also, Good Moon Rising (another Nancy Garden; I think it might be harder to find, as you can only buy it as print-on-demand now... but my library had it).

I actually hated Far From Xanadu, but hey, it's reading material :-)

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i absolutely loved good moon

i absolutely loved good moon rising! and i read the year they burned the books in like 6th grade, don't remember it though.
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