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This may not be that interesting but i just wanted to confess my feelings for the guys i know. Tell me your favourite.

Hayden - 16 years old, so hilarious that he always brighten ups my day. even when im mad, when i walk by him i cant help but always smile. did i mention he's muscled like hell, and a killer smile. "sigh" also he's on the football team.

Brett - 16 years old, quiet and distant, but talkative when you ask the right questions "wink". the most muscled kid in our school and tje most into health.

Don - 18 years old, loves reptiles and snakes. also muscular, he has a grin that makes me feel butterflys when i see him. he also always stares at me in my law class! :)

Jake - 16 years old, quarterback and i've known him since i was like 10 or 9 years old. well built.

Kyle- 16 years old, hockey player. he was in the like ONHL hes an awesome hockey player.

Lavonte - 18 years old, hes also well built. he's also a trouble maker and can be a nice bully (yes there is a nice bully, cause he doesn't mean it he just goofs off.

Dom - 17 years old, good with kids and sweet. lean muscled. likes to party and funny.

Lorenz - 18 years old, German. quiet, funny. tall and well built. has a calming presence makes me feel light and have a good time. eyes that seem to always be laughing.

well take your pick, who you like more. i'd add more description but i think that id go on and on and you wouldn't be able to finish reading them all. lol. btw i love them all and always will.


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i like how dom sounds :D

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yea, you should see him with babies. its sooo cute :)

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how is he with babies?

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well when he holds babies he gets this look in his eyes, and the nuturing side in him also comes out. he loves to play with kids, hes like a big kid himself.

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You like'm butch, I guess? Everyone on here has muscles.

Which are gay?

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um idk

i dont know if any are gay but i like them and some do show signs that they might be, and some i kinda have a feeling they might be. obviously from my lack of sureness i just don't really know. but i guy can hope can't he.

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I also like Dom... and

I also like Dom...
and Lorenz, he sounds cool too. So you have a thing for muscles? ;D
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um yea

yea, thats the type i like, but if their all muscle and like no personality, im not into them. but muscle are what im into. lol

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You know what you like... now...

...but I'm impressed with teens who focus on good overall health: nutritious diet (fruit, vegetables, nuts, cereal, minimum of sugary drinks and fatty meat), sensible exercise, and the ability to communicate in a non-sloppy manner... and without being gratuitously offensive.

A teenager who feels that his attractiveness is enhanced by striving for bulging arm and leg muscles is creating an onerous upkeep responsibility as he grows older. Those muscles that once looked so appealing when young easily become an eyesore after just a few short years. If growth hormones are involved, the problem is magnified!!!

I feel quite bad when I see someone who feels his identity is so inextricably intertwined with bulging muscles. If only that effort had been expended more constructively...

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lol, well i like the snake

lol, well i like the snake guy(too lazy to go back up and look for a name) and baby guy(again too lazy).

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