Did you hear that...?

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...Exactly. NOT A SOUND. =) It's amazing...sigh. I'm home alone tonight, my parents and brother went up to the mountain place for the night, they come back tomorrow afternoon/evening. But until then I get to exist in peaceful silence save for any noise I make. I plan on relaxing this weekend, to de-stress after all the college app madness. Especially since next week I get to enter ACT Prep madness. :(

I got a catalog from Hampshire College in the mail today. I think in my next round of applications this coming fall I'll apply there, during my gap year.
Anyway it said they have an LGBT friendly dorm floor! :-) I got excited reading that, but haven't a clue as to how I could plausibly explain that to the rents.

I really want to meet LGBT people my age where I live, but I don't have access right now. I keep obsessively checking my email for a reply from the woman I contacted at PFLAG who is starting a youth group supposedly this month. Grrr....I just want to at least have a date in mind, because then it's finally real and happening. I hate waiting for it. Please send happy thoughts? :-/


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From the title I thought you

From the title I thought you were going to say that your house is haunted or something like that because I'm having some of those thoughts over at my house haha. Oh have some happy thoughts! A lgbt friendly dorm floor sounds beyond awesome!

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:) Actuallyyyyy...my house is almost 25 years old. So we have a lot of creaky floorboards, and when I'm home alone I seem to hear all the little random noises the house makes. Sometimes I think my family has just come home from somewhere because I thought I heard them walking around on the floor above, and then I realize that I'm still alone. So a little spooky.

I know! Now I'm going to see about an lgbt friendly dorm wherever I end up. But I think Hampshire is one of my top favorites, I just wish I had found out about it sooner, but it's fine.

And yes...now channeling happy thoughts...

Oh, I was wondering, have you joined a new Queer group at your new college? :) I hope it's going well.