Disappointed with Mass Effect 2

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Hmm...from what I've heard, there are no gay or lesbian romance options in Mass Effect 2. Well, except if you romanced Liara, the alien who looked female but was really a mono-gendered alien species (meaning she wasn't really female, or so they say). You can continue your romance with Liara. That sucks. I want new romance options just like the straight gamers get! I don't get why they would backtrack like this, especially since the same company (Bioware) made Dragon Age: Origins and it included both a gay male option and a lesbian option. I've also heard that their other games included gay/lesbian options: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, ect. So it's just confusing that they wouldn't have any in this one. Disappointing. Well, I won't be buying ME2 until the price comes wayyyyy down.

**Not that the romance is everything. But it does add to the game; and it kinda pisses me off that they would just disregard the gay/lesbian fans that have been so forward about how happy they've been about being included and whatnot. Except some of the gay gamers weren't too happy with Zevran in DA:O (some thought he was too stereotypical). Plus I'm not as big a fan of Mass Effect or that type of sci-fi shooter anyways, so I can wait a year before playing it. I'm not spending $70 on it. It only took me 17 hours to beat the first one, so shall wait.**


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But they did have a gay male

But they did have a gay male thing in bully. yay. :))

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