fakebook, msn, and where my username comes from.

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since we have laptops at my school, I'm logged in to MSN most of the time.
Feel free to add me :


I'm always down to talk on msn. Especially during the day, class is boring... I promise I'm not all gloomy and depressing like my posts. aha (X

Make sure you let me know that you found me on Oasis, and what your username here is, just so I know. Or if you're one of the guests online that's fine too, just like.. let me know you found me here in your invitation request, should you add me. okay? okay.

I'll be removing this journal post next week, so jump on it, it's a limited edition, one time thing.

Now, my username comes from this song :
It's such a fun, upbeat and carefree song.
I love it. It's also known under the name Magic Fantasy... Either way, Dragonette is probably one of my most favorite bands ever. «3