Favourite Austin Powers movie?

International Man of Mystery
20% (2 votes)
The Spy Who Shagged Me
30% (3 votes)
50% (5 votes)
Total votes: 10


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The second one...

The Spy Who Shagged Me will always be my favourite. I remember when I was a kid watching this movie, I always thought that there was something "special" about Heather Graham. Now I know what it was ;)

Plus, the introduction of Fat Bastard (my personal fav) and Mini Me. And the shadows from the tent. It's definitely the funniest one to me.

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yeah, i kinda felt the same way too about her lol.

"chhhhhikinnnn stewwww. i have no idea what is wrong with me O_O im sorry if i offend....not really."

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I like Goldmember...

It still has Fat Bastard and Mini me, plus Goldmember himself.
It's kinda weird four characters are played by Mike Myers.

Although I still REALLY like the second one, especially Fat Bastard. "First things first, where's ya shitter? I've got a turtle head pokin out!"

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Don't hate me but...

The only redeaming quality about the second one is Heather Graham. Just sayin'.

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How can you think that?

That's my favourite one. Fat Bastard: I want my baby back, baby back, baby back ribs.

To each his own, I guess. Or whatever that saying is...I don't hate you :)