Feels like the first time again ;A;

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Garret kissed me me me me me me me me

And said he loved me me me me me me me

And "you know, you ARE very, very, beautiful..."

And and and and *passes out*

Today. Was. Awesome. For once, I feel like I don't love my boyfriend as much as he loves me.

And it's nice, but sad. He's a sweetheart. My emotional stuff... doesn't scare him. He really doesn't seem to mind, at all. He likes it, I think, me being unique and weird and stuff... I asked him if he minded me looking sad sometimes. He said "No, not at all. You just look like you're thinking about something."


He's very... gentle, but cute. He loves to kiss me. Loves it. He's a bit over the top even XD he loves stroking my hair out of my face and pulling me close and stuff like that.

Ahh. We talked the WHOLE TIME. It was fabulous. His cats are epic. And his sister. Who's BEAUTIFUL I'm not even kidding. She's so funny, and hilariously like me and Katy.

Nyaa <3

And... I left my poor love on a bad note (diff. Person) and I feel terrible! He probably hates me now! D:

I miss you, dear.