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I wannit to be april.. doctor who time! Dayum Matt Smith is good looking.. not gonna lie. I also wanna watch doctor who now... I'll prolly do that... or torchwood. Some good Janto episode or another... hmmm.. *ponders*

anywho, what's new... absolutely nothing, actually. Group tomorrow.. that's exciting. I've showed somebody else dr horrible... and so far she loves it. xD

Um... for some wacko reason my hadphones are on my shoulder. I can never remember why they are where they are... I'm weird. ><

that's all really... I just want it to be april. I'm a geeeekkkkk. Lawls..

I think I'm high on something... can you get high without realizing it? xD

(I'm not really though.. just in a bizarro mood..)


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YES!! u can get high without

YES!! u can get high without realizing it....its quite fun if its not has to with chemicals ans hormones and happy spots in ur

Life is easily complicated.

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Hahaha, that works.

Hahaha, that works. xD

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