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Finished that essay!

Now I need to get my dad to write his, and my friend to write his... And an e-mail together. And proof of the fact that we can't afford this surgery. And a copy of the letter from my therapist.

But the hard part is done! :D

Well, actually, getting other people to write and getting my dad to get the financial whatever together is the hard part too. But I've got most of -my- work done. I'm happy with this essay, I think. It's not for anything academic, so it shouldn't have to be super-extra-perfect. I believe I got enough emotion and storytelling across without sounding like a whiny baby so.. Yay. :)

It'd be super-amazing if I got this grant for surgery. I swear. I'd probably cry... No. I -know- I'd cry. Then I would do flips... And I can't do flips. Haha.

I'm officially taking PE online now. Crazy right? The dumb site asked me about my "race" and didn't give me an option to not answer. It also didn't give me an option for "This question offends me" or even an "other" so I just checked all of the boxes. Maybe next week I'll be "white" and then after that I can be "Asian" and "Pacific Islander". Did I mention that I think the race thing is stupid?

Also, on a completely unrelated note, it's -really- freaking windy out right now.

Later gaters



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Rofl, can I be there to

Rofl, can I be there to watch the flips? xD

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