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why dont my perants just get divorced and have it over with? tats clearly were it heading.


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What makes you say that?
Try not to worry.

"Words are useless, especially sentences. They don't stand for anything. How can they explain how I feel?"~Madonna, Bedtime Story

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they are angry at each other...

more often then not anymore. over the stupidest tthings!

if your ever super sad, just rember, you could have been a blowjob.

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My parents have been married for 24 years...

And recently they've been getting mad at each other.
This started because the company my dad works for isn't doing well at all, and might go under, and my mom doesn't have a job.
So if he loses his job, we have no source of income.

But then they got angry at small things. Leaving the remote in the wrong place etc.
But now, my mom applied for a job, and they're all happier.

Maybe this is the sort of thing that is happening. Rough patches happen.

"Words are useless, especially sentences. They don't stand for anything. How can they explain how I feel?"~Madonna, Bedtime Story

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What I've learned:

There is no logic as to why two people that seemingly hate each other would stick together. Often they'll give reasons that make absolutely no sense (my favorite is "We're sticking together for the kids"). They will even convince themselves that they believe their reasons. All you can do about it is realize that it is their choice to stay unhappy. Not yours. And if it's a situation where they are constantly yelling/screaming/negatively effecting (affecting?) you, then just get out. Or do something that really shows them what they are doing, not just to themselves, but to you. In my situation, I had to call CPS (Child Protective Services). CPS handled it terribly, I must say, so only do that as a last result. (It should be noted that I don't know your situation. The only reason I called CPS was because my dad was being physically abusive, mostly to my mom. If you're not in an abusive situation, then CPS is not for you. Sorry, digression.)

The point is, having those government guys come to my school really put the fire on my dad and my mom. It forced them to accept that keeping the status quo was not an option.

Maybe even just tell them that it seems like seperation is the best option for them. Like I said, many parents don't want to seperate for the sake of their kids, but if their kid brings it up, that excuse is nixed.

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I Never Suspected...

You never provided the slightest hint of dissension at home. For your sake I hope your view is a combination of normal anxiety and seeing the problem as much larger than it really is.

I'm confident that their love will survive... as will you!

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You want me to beat some

You want me to beat some sense into them?

"Please hear what I'm not saying. Don't be fooled by the face I wear, for I wear a mask. I tell you everything thats really nothing, and nothing of whats everything, of whats crying within me." - Mask

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sorry things are bad Ferrets. Do you really want them to get divorced, or just stop fighting? I used to wish my parents would get divorced, for a few different reasons.

I hope things work out for the best, whatever that turns out to be. *Hug*

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I know how you feel. My mom

I know how you feel. My mom told me that her and my dad are probably going to get a divorce. and my parents argue all the time and i rly just want to yell at them and tell them to just get a divorce already and stop fighting and stressing me out. i no its hard but i guess were just gonna hav 2 push through it. *hugs*

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awwwww *HUGS* A man is

awwwww *HUGS*

A man is educated and turned out to work. But a woman is educated and turned out to grass.
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