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1. Invite 10-15 people. Tell them all to bring friends. Don't be specific, just say it's okay for them to bring people.
2. Act really suprised when 40 people show up at your door after walking in the freezing cold for 45 minutes.
3. Kick them out, leaving everyone to walk back to the subway station. In the cold. AGAIN.

Anyways. I ended up calling X and hanging out with him, after 20 minutes of walking back I was just like FML SOMEONE SAVE ME.
I was glad though, I got to see alot of old friends I hadn't seen for a while.
Oh, and X asked me to marry him, or something like, if he asked me if I would say yes. His answer to WHY THE FUCK WOULD I DO THAT? «You'll be emancipated and a legal adult! Wouldn't you find that cool?»

So, a failed night all around.