I think... falling is half the fun...

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Fallingggggg in love again <3

Noooo I can't say I'm in love ;A; it's bad! DX But anyways.

Odd. I rather like the suspense of not telling him. The awkward moments we have are rather awesome. He's getting more touchy lately XD like today we got into a poke-fight and stuff. I think I'll ask him for hugs soon. Yeah... ;D

He's charmingly sweet. Like, shy though. I can tell he's getting more comfortable around me, which is good. Today I was playing piano and he was like "Wow, you're really good. You should teach me how to play..."

And like always he got quieter at the last half XD
But then he played his alto sax for me, which was really pretty.

I'm still not sure if he likes me. But I think so? D: