i want your ugly, i want your disease

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rah rah ah ah ah ah ro ma roma ma ah ga ga ooh la la ah want your bad romance rah rah ah ah ah ah roma roma ma ah ga ga ooh la la ah want your band romance...
sorry, still stuck in my head :p

so, i saw Nut today...even though she lives a couple towns over from me...she was there with her mom for farmer's market. she had mistaken me for a boy...haha, i told her that i get that all the time. she saw me hugging one of my friends and thought we were boyfriend and girlfriend XD why is this happening? my liking her? i know it'll never happen. it's impossible. and even if it were possible, think of what the clans will say! "the girl from the how clan and that girl from the limfat clan! they're gay! digusting!" there's no way...and then there's the fact that she doesn't really wanna be here, but wants to be back in mauritius. *sigh*

finals are coming up...fuck. i'm screwed....i need to get off my ass and really start to take things seriously, but the motivation level is zilch...
i'd like to say effmylife, but i'd much rather say mylifeisaverage :p


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oh god, i know *exactly*

oh god, i know *exactly* what you mean about the motivation level. i'm a week behind on the homework in half of my classes. ><
kudos on the MLIA comment. i <3 MLIA
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