If I have to hear...

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ONE more freaking time, I'm gonna shoot myself DX It's bad enough that I had to hear it ten million times when I WASN'T EVEN PLAYING but NOW...
Grah. It's annoying. But besides that, my day was amazing X3 Well mostly. So, today in orchestra, Valdez (My teacher) was really late. Well, I'm sort of a stickler for the rules and being "calm" and stuff, but noooo, everyone else had to mess around the whole time. I got all bipolar and angry and started scratching at my ankle until it bled. Then Hannah got mad at me. And then I just glared at her. I was also kind of angry because people keep calling me "Sheldon" just because I act and sorta look like a man more than all the other girls...


But then Valdez got there, and she made me happy again. I think she really cares about me, and it makes me feel really special. All my teachers seem to love me alot :) So she sat next to me at the "Pep Assembly" (Which I despise) and the whole time we just talked to each other and stuff. We so break the rules XD she was like "Hey. Shelby, do you have any gum?" and so I gave her some juicy fruit. In which she let me chew it too. We talked about serious stuff and funny stuff and everything in between... She yelled out alot, random things just in the silence, and then asked me to make her stop because "It's gonna look like I have turetts!" and then we just laughed about it... Funny how she was like "UM THEY'RE DOING THE JERK WRONG. Shelby, look, see, it's supposed to be like this!" *dances in her seat*
"Oh you should SO go down there and show 'em how it's done, Valdez"
"Well, I would, but they'd get so jealous. We don't want THAT now do we?"

Lulz. And then I stayed after school with Katy and her and we had to go with her to the office- And then we watched some youtube videos of one of her students, Matt, who's gonna be on Ellen sometime next week or something. He's an artist who makes music. Yup. He's apparently really nice and stuff. Soooo that was really fun! Happy Friday everyone!