I'm alive, and vaguely sane-er than I've been lately.

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I've been living halfway out of this world for the past few days. I've been hallucinatig more than I'd like to admit, and I'm not always quite sure where I am. I'm sorry if anyone was worried, apparently some of you were.

I think I need to see the headshrink.

I'm more lucid today than last night. Thankfully. Hopefully that won't change.

And no, I'm not on drugs, nor am I drinking. Haven't touched a bottle in a month.

Watched Avatar yesterday. Good film, best scifi I've seen in a while. Beautiful animation and a plot that wasn't all too predictable.

I also was playing Fallout 3 yesterday, which significantly added to my hallucinations for the rest of the day. I was fairly convinced that life was just a bigger part of Fallout 3 for a while.

I can feel the fog coming down. I'm getting a bit more tired and a bit more dizzy. I'll talk to everyone later, I hope.

Enjoy your sanity, darlings. I know I do when I have it.


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Whenever you need it, that is. and yes, I was worried.
...Wait. What sanity do I have?! D:
Sometimes I like to sit at night and stare at the lamppost because it's the brightest thing in my life...