I'm at the library. Again D: With... the twins! *play music here*

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Now. Depending on the kind of person you are, the music might be different. For some it'd be like "Hell YEAH TWINS! SCORE!"
but y'know. It's all on the person.

So yeah, I've been here for like three hours... Waiting for another half an hour to pass by so I can go home and do my TONS OF HOMEWORK

...Mostly writing. It's annoying. I'd rather be playing my XBOX REALLY BUT YOU KNOW HOW LIFE IS


I'm adding WAY too many spaces, aren't I?
Oh, what's that?

It's annoying you?

Suck it, bitches >:D


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if thier cute Ill come wait

if thier cute Ill come wait with you :D.... just kidding....

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