In case anybody was wondering...

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I collapsed on the couch and fell asleep at about midnight. I usually stay up until about 2 or 3 in the morning... that's how tired I was. That woudl be like goign to bed at 8 on a weekday... xD

Umm.. I feel like I had something else mildly important to say... I mean, I dunno why I would want to make a journal entry jsut to tell you I collapsed on teh couch..

Hm... OH

I think it was that last night, at the teen center, there was this girl there that at least used to like me... she might still. I don't -really- know her though, so.. but anywho, she was much shorter than I remember her. Yes, yes it has been years. :P

But anyways, she knew me back when I wasn't Skylar, but she's straight and therefore totally accepts me. I just think it's cool, that somebody can just -hear- about me and be fine with it and accept it and whatever and then go on to -like- me, even. Gives me an odd sense of hope, yaknow?

I dunno... I don't know her well, but from what I do know she seems cool. Unfortunately I don't think I could go out with her.. I do think that if I'm not completely so, which I very well may be, I'm at least extremely close to just being gay... the only girl that I find attractive in more than a... platonic? sense lives in like arizona or something and I've only seen pictures of on deviantart, sooo...

Yeah, Imma go take a shower now. xD