"Is this a lesbian movie?"

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I watched V for Vendetta....again. It's at least my 4th time watching it. It seems to get better every single time I see it. I LOVE IT!!! I just love everything about it. Hah...oh, and when it got to the story about Valarie and her whole story about falling in love with a woman on the set of her movie and she kisses her, my dad kinda whispers to my mom, "Is this a lesbian movie?" HAHAHA! I just sat there and sorta laughed and smirked. No dad, haven't you been watching the movie the past hour? It's about V. But, yes, that one woman is a lesbian :D

Ahh...I just love that movie.


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I sure hope the world never goes to this...

The woman got arrested for being a lesbian, as I remember...

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Haha oh that's awesome! I

Haha oh that's awesome! I remember watching But I'm A Cheerleader with my older brother (he's totally hetero, but he actually had heard of the movie before I had), and my dad walked in RIGHT at the scene where Megan and Graham make sweet, passionate, slow camera, super close up love. His reaction: "We're taking away the Blockbuster card for a while." Awkward....

And agreed. V for Vendetta = The Shit

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it is...

an amazing film.

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...i'm reading V for

...i'm reading V for Vendetta (:
i stole the movie a few years ago, and loved it, so my dad bought me the graphic novel (which is WAY different from the movie, so far)
but i love Valerie. and Ruth (that's her lovers name, right?) that part of the story makes me tear up everytime..

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You have no idea how happy this makes me. Definitely one of my three favorite movies of all time.

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Tee hee.

I love this movie.

Oh Natalie Portman. :)

<3 FLAME ON! <3