LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS PISS ME OFF. (did the voice in your head yell? good.)

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i hate it when people cancel on you at the last effing minute.

i was supposed to skip school in the afternoon on thursday to hang out w/ X, because i have no school friday, but nooooo, because : « I need to go to my cottage to set up the laundry machine with my dad. » okay, for once it's a good excuse (and i know it's legit, he's been whining about the slow shipping for months), but when i tried to reschedule to friday instead, he's all like, how about saturday or sunday? seeing as i'm busy on both those days, i asked him why he couldn't friday, and i didn't get an answer, so whatever. i really don't get this guy.k like, if you pester me for two weeks to come over and watch some movie, don't ditch me the day before, stupid. and by the way, it actually is to watch a movie, called demolition man, that came out in 1993. from the summary on imbd it looks pretty good, and i was actually looking forwards to doing something more «normal» with him.

even though i bitch on here about how much of an annoying player he is, i enjoy spending time with him : he's smart, has deep opinions on stuff and an interesting view of things. anyways, it's not the end of the world, i've made other plans for tomorrow, but it sucks.

i was in a really good mood today too, and i found out something else that's going to fuck up my weekend : F will be going to a party that i'm going to saturday! yayyy! he hates my ass for no reason and i'm sure there will be drama and tons of dirty looks headed my way... yay. maybe i should ditch the party if X is available?

oh, and there's more idiocy on X's part involving F, but more about that another time, this post is long enough.


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I <3 the fact that you use

I <3 the fact that you use guillemets.

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i'm from montreal, so french

i'm from montreal, so french keyboards for the win.
also.. they're prettier. <3

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If someone's bailing on your plans to skip school, it seems fine, since you obviously have a back up place you can be! ;-)

Also, interesting use of using all caps but then sealing the sentence off with a period.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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if i missed tomorrow

if i missed tomorrow afternoon, I'd only be missing out on math, in which i have a 90% average. it's really not a big deal (X

and i have a fear of exclamation marks, i feel as though all caps do it better :)

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awww I know what you mean.

awww I know what you mean. why make plans if you're just gonna cancel, right? D:

and... I think you shouldn't skip school >.> but that's because I'm a do-gooder most of the time
Sometimes I like to sit at night and stare at the lamppost because it's the brightest thing in my life...