Let Me Introduce Myself...Again

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Thought I should write you guys a letter before i jump back into commenting on your posts. It's long. I know. All my letters are long. I'm a writer. Writing is what I do. Just read it and hush up.

So, I am back on Oasis, as you can see. If you're fairly new and don't know me, or have been here for awhile and just never bothered to get to know me [blinking sign: guilt guilt guilt], probably the best way is to check out the INTERVIEW with Jeff that I did here back in, oh lord, 2006 (good thing I am immortal). Most of the info there about me is still true, though of course, I have published my second book since then, with the third on the way, and am now in the process of starting a new publishing company, two actually, called Young Offenders Media and Eden Exiles. The second one is a M/M erotica publisher, so I shan't be linking you to it. If you want to suss it out on your own, that's your decision.

Needless to say, I am madly busy just now, but I wanted to come back and spend some time with you guys again. It isn't the best time at all for me to do so, but as I said in my reply to Swimmerguy's bracelet story, sometimes there's just a "right" time. If you want your karma to be as it should, it's best to listen to your instincts about these things. So here I am.

Though my three plus years here more than speaks to my credibility, let me just address that inevitable question: Why is an adult hanging out on a gay youth site? It is not because I am a pedophile. As many of you here will strongly attest, I despise sexual predators with every fiber of my being, and protecting you from them is one of the reasons I am an advisor here (and also an admin, btw). The reason I am here is to help you, to try and answer your questions about life, ease your pain a little, and avoid some of the mistakes I made by sharing them with you, along with what I have learned from them.

As it will undoubtedly come up in the course of discussions, let me also say that I do tend to date much younger guys - but guys who are legal, consenting and mature enough to know what they are doing. It's not a power or control issue. It comes simply from the fact that in spite of my chronological age, I still am, and always will be, a teenager (it's that pesky immortality thing again). I share a lot of common interests with young adults, and have a rather "Dorothy in Oz" outlook on life that many "adults" have long since lost. That said, there is both a legal and moral line. I NEVER cross it, WILL NEVER cross it, and Heaven help you if YOU cross it with any of my kids and I ever get hold of you! In case you're wondering...if our relationship on here starts out as one of parent/mentor and kid, it will likely remain that way always. Every rule has exceptions, but that one is pretty basic. If you feel the desire to discuss this issue, start a forum about it. I'll be happy to participate. I know it has been a popular forum topic in the past, and my views about it have evolved over these past few years, largely thanks to my relationship with Jon.

Those of you who saw some of my posts last time I was here saw that I tried to address people's problems with the best advice my considerable experience had to offer, coupled with my kind of eerie ability to still think like and understand adolescents. I am also an empath, which means that when people I love hurt - I hurt too. Since I love each and every one of you, that can be a bit challenging at times, but it is also very rewarding when I can help you to feel better or make more sense of something.

So anyway, I am here, at your service. If you need me, just holla (actually, posting or messaging would probably be more effective). I love you all very much. Did I say that already? Here, let me say it again:

I Love You All Very Much!

I expect replies, people! Don't make me feel lonely and unappreciated.



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You are appreciated

I think you're one of the coolest dudes I've never met, and one hell of a writer. I also hope your future goes more in your direction instead of you having to swim against the current all the time.

Hugs and nose pets

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Kind of ironic...

It just that I'm sitting here reading about how you are an adult that thinks like a teenager, and I'm a teenager who doesn't know how teenagers think. It's that whole relating to your peers thing.

Anyway, it is very nice to meet you.

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I could never relate to

I could never relate to teenagers when I was a teenager. I was too obsessed and preoccupied with wondering why I couldn't find a girlfriend, and why guys dicks tasted so good. I sussed it all out as soon as I got to college, but I've pretty much been 19 ever since. If only my body would stay that way! ;)

Nice to meet you too, Dave who isn't really Dave.


- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay & lesbian characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"

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Yo welcome back buddy!

Yo welcome back buddy!

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coming out of hiding just to say...

Hi Pat!

Glad to see you jumping back in again.


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It's a good thing.

I'm just poppin in to say that I think that it is a good thing for you to be back here Pat. They need you but maybe right now you may need them even more. Know what I mean? I have just been re-reading the messages and posts from the last time I came into the lives of the very special people who hang out here on Oasis back in Jan and Feb of 2009. Thank God I didn't have to speak for you again as you have done it elequently as usual. Yea I know you're a writer what else would I expect. Ha. Feel the love, just feel the love. I do.
Gentle Hugs,
Pat's Mom

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Yay Pat! Welcome back! I've

Yay Pat! Welcome back! I've missed your comments quite a lot.

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It's nice to see you, I'm sure I'm not the only one who missed you and your tidbits of advice and whatnot. :)

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Thanks guys. I love you all

Thanks guys. I love you all so much. I just can't tell you enough.


- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay & lesbian characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"

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experince the awe and mystery that reaches from the deepest inner mind to the outer limits!

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Well hi thar... I may be

Well hi thar... I may be newish here, but I've -definitely- heard of you. xD

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I'm really glad that you're

I'm really glad that you're back, Pat. *HUGS!!* :o)

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Pat you have by far noticed

Pat you have by far noticed you have been missed. like I told mah ferret though, its like I am 17 going on 70. I feel so OLD and like everyone SHOULD listen to me, but is too busy being young. lol Guess its just from how detached from most of the world, that I am able to see things with this unique perspective... We love you Dad of our family of Oasians! Jeff is mummy lol!

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