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Today was my last midterm... I had a lot of freetime at the high school after that. What'd I spend it doing? Changing as much of my phone contacts to doctor who characters as possible...

I still need to find somebody to make Sarah Jane though.. maybe susan too, now I think of it.. hmm..

Anywho, I actually got started on my drawing class today... NOWAIT.. you don't know about that, cuz I was too busy watching house/chuck/studying for my last midterm to come on. Yeah, I'm in the drawing class at that art school. I've decided I'm horrid at drawing.. xD

But we really got started today.. it was kinda fun. In an I-really-fail-at-this sorta way. Whatever. >.>

While waiting for the bus to come home I saw.. I'll call him other-senior, just cuz he has the same name as senior, and I met him through senior. Not that I know him -at all- other than he's really gangster for a white guy... no really, that's how he describes himself. We talked about senior and cup-guy.. who I doubt anybody knows about. Ah well. It was interesting..

And now I'm home, to stay up all night. I started singing some song or another and now I'm thinking back to Nature's Classroom.. and I'm feeling nostalgic. No... is that the right word? I don't even know. I just feel like I did at that point in time... it was an odd time for me, really. Almost as odd as this point in time. :P

And I'm talking to my friend.. I guess my ex, but not really... I mean, yes really, we went out, but we never had a shaky ending, we never went through the awkward phase... her mum stopped us, cuz I was apparently too young. And then we were just friends. Now we're really good friends.. but I only know her through the internet. Is that weird? Whatever... she's one of my best friends, and I wouldn't change that. :P

I also wanna talk to either youtube or senior though... just cuz they're fun. And always have something interesting to say.

I think I'll call my 'ex' Alonso. That may or may not be what she's under in my phone contacts, and he may or may not be a doctor who character. :P