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Start tomorrow. I'm not too worried though... I have five. One's in band and therefor a total joke... no really, the teacher described it that way. Like... it'll probably take half the period..

So four.. math, english, latin, biology.

tomorrow I have math and bio. I've been studying for bio just cuz I can't remember -everything-... math... superducks gonna kill me, but I find gemoetry hella easy... like, I'm not even gonna bother studying, I find it so easy.

Sorry superduck! ><

English... should be interesting. Two flipping essays and -then- a bunch of short answer! Grargh, I'm soo not gonna finish. Flehh.. ><

Annnd Latin... is all multiple choice. Vocab, derivatives, verb forms, endings..

Tehre's one reading comprehension paragraph and I'll have to translate some of that... but that won't be too too hard..

So those are my midterms.. let's hope I do well! Meff...

OH! And on Monday I'll be mohawkin' it upp. Should be fun. ;)


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Nah, it's okay. The only

Nah, it's okay. The only person whose geometry success I am bothered by is my rival's. I'm just mathematically inept. Haha. Plus, my school tends to hire the crappiest math teachers of all time...

Good luck on your midterms! I remember taking Latin class. It was a requirement last year. I actually had a lot of fun with it, though I don't remember a thing I learned. x3

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Crappy math teachers suck.

Crappy math teachers suck. >>

Yeah, Latin's pretty cool.. I'd prefer a different teacher, but the one I ahve now is hardly -bad-.


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Good luck :D A man is

Good luck :D

A man is educated and turned out to work. But a woman is educated and turned out to grass.
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Good luckk! :]

Good luckk! :]