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Ok, um terrible day so ain't too preepy. I haven't told you guys yeat but i have a twin brother Brad, an evil twin and i mean pure hate, and evil, he's a sadistic creep! Well i had washed my clother for today and had everthing ready right, and he goes and grabs the same stuff as me to piss me off. so i haad to go to school in a different outfit, which was not as warm as my original and i froze to death walking to school. law was uneventful, were dooing a mock trial and i'm a crown lawyer, we had to do some paper work that we had to hand in. then art, my favourite class, we had QUESTIONS! from a fucking text book, that really pissed me off and my hand keep cramping up. :( at lunch a hot dude our foregin (can't spell) exchange student from Germay, Lorenz "sigh" sat by me and keep brushing against me, and my brother was so loud and obnoxious he moved!! you here me he moved! ain't my brother great! ""sarcasm" obviously". then manufacturing, i didn't do anything and just like sat around. then english, my like secound favourite class, we had to get into groups, i was in a group with yet another stud, Ricky, whos a total goof ball lol. i couldn't say anything, i was the least helpful and i feel stupid (btw everyone was giving me weird looks cause i wasn't coherent or like talking. lol fml. Ricky to make people laugh acctually kicked his head by swinging his foot back and bringing his head down! god i love his humour. i think he did it for me but idk, i'm not good at reading people i like in a sexual way. lol ain't that great. then i get home, my dad starts yelling at me for like nothing and i had to control my self from punching him in the face because to put it mildly we don't, repeat "DON'T" get along a like all. now i'm in room day dreaming of all my would'a, should'a, didn'ts and what would of happened if i just took a risk and gave in to what i want to do.
sorry for the long rant but i had to express this in anger cause truly i just want to cry. :( hope your days were better! :)


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That kinda sucks. I think we've all been there though. Well, I've been there at least. And I know this is going to sound cheesy and very cliche, but it will probably only get better.

And think about this; Lorenz chose to sat next to you, so he probably doesn't dislike you. And you always have tomorrow to make a better impression.
I don't think I'm doing a very good job cheering you up, so I'll just leave it at that.

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your brother seems dis a greeable...maybe you should cut out his eyes?

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Strikes me as odd that a

Strikes me as odd that a German exchange student would sit that close to you. I used to take German and everything I heard about Germany made New England seem friendly (And the rest of the US thinks that we're cold.) Because they don't generally smile at random people and they generally stand farther away when talking and so on. Like, there's nothing wrong with it, it's just their culture. (Actually, it's kind of appealing if you ask me.) but ummm, not sure where I was going with that... But either way if a hot dude sat that close to you by choice it's not a bad thing. :P Sorry your brother messed up for you.

And I know what you mean about not being able to read people you're attracted to, I'm the same way. |D' It doesn't help that being around attractive people makes me stupid but... You know.

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I'm sorry

about your douchey brother. That sucks D: You have art class? Lucky. Because I'm in orchestra I can't take it T___T
Not enough electives. But hey, is it fun? :)
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lol thanks

lol thanks guys.
just dave - you did help
ferrets - he is majorly DIS A GREEABLE! lmao he's an ass
riku - Lorenz is friendly, smiles and all that but he's a clam around ppl he doesn't know that well
dracofang - yea art is awesome, well except were making like marianettes (can't spell so i'll call them puppets) and we have like alot of book work right now.
thanks again guys, i might try to chat up Lorenz tomorrow. :)

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I'm sorry your day was so

I'm sorry your day was so rough, I wish I could give you advise on your twin but being as my brother is fourteen years younger then me I can't really say...maybe you could just like, try being independent and NOT hang around your brother or your dad so much? I'm not sure if that is somthing you could really do in your house but it's worth giving it a try. Maybe join a club or somthing, somthing where you could go to just get away, and it doesn't have to be at school...
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