my mom does not accept us....

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First of all, I don't look at love as a gender matter. I'd love any gender as long as that person loves me and makes me happy. I am the same as anybody else, my heart is just a little bigger because I can accept love from all genders. I'm still a girl, still love to dress up and playing cute and everything. You can call it bi but I don't like the name calling part so...

I have this lover and I finally came to talk to my mom about her. She was shocked and no matter how much I tried to explained, she wouldn't listen and wouldn't open up. She doesn't want to accept it and it hurts really badly because she was the one who told me she trusted my decision and I could do whatever I want to make myself happy. She looked at it as a sin and sickness, and said it was her fault somewhat, that she should go to the temple and pray more. I don't know what to do right now. I'm stuck... Please help.

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I have no advice on this

I have no advice on this really, other than we are here fro support.

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*HUGS* Sorry, I don't have

*HUGS* Sorry, I don't have any advice either except be strong.

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This is what you do

Yell "Screw you!" and then make out with your girlfriend.

Yeahhhhhh ;D
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Love is not about sex. Love is not about gender roles. Love is not about finding someone to make babies with, buy a house with a white picket fence, and spend the rest of your life together.

Our beliefs and our values are based on what we know. What we know is based on what is taught to us. Society has evolved, and our parents were taught much different things than us. When I say taught to us, I don't necessarily mean in an academic sense... I mean what we are exposed to... and how are mind adapts.

Your mother comes from a time when society condemned sexual freedom and where gender roles were hammered into the population's subconscious constantly. As a society we are slowly learning the institutions put in place to popularize and promote such gender roles did so not because of what is moral... but because without them, those institutions could not perpetuate their message and profit off of them.

I would not worry about your mother so much... it is difficult for someone programmed a certain way to adjust and accept concepts they can not fully understand... and are not programmed to understand. Fortunately, she is the one that must make the choice to either accept her daughter for who she is... or lose her. If she chooses the latter, it is not your loss.

Be strong, and fill your heart with love. That is all that matters.

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i loved your post, and agree with everything in it. but when thinking bout the thing that peratns teeach there children, then what kind of vicous cycle of perants teaching children will the wesborrow baptist church be D:

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Oh oh

Sounds like mom is UBER religious huh....Well that means you might be in for a fight on religion. I suggest that if that is the case you get your self armed with religious counter intelligence from the net. When she says Homo's are committing sin. then you need to counter that with chapter and verse right back at her. when she use's religion as a shield you need to show her that its a paper shield and it burns faster then the shield of truth which is made of iron. Get ready, be up to it also. You need to be you, you need to be happy. You need to break through her barrier and let her at least see that you only want to be happy. You have a tough fight on your hands and I can only wish you luck. But remember we here at Oasis are all here for you and support you too. good luck

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If she can't accept you, you

If she can't accept you, you should probably cut yourself off from her, but only as a last resort. good luck!

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