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I asked a dude out. And I'm nervous. He said he'd think about it, I think he's actually gonna go ask Jonah for permission or something if he's gonna say yes. Otherwise he's totally gonna reject me XD Yay for that :P
I guess I really don't care if he says no, but I really want him to say yes! He's been real nice to me lately and stuff. And today we had like a mini heart to heart :)

Weird. Hmm. Well we're alot alike (craziness and all XD)

I'm all lonely right now! :3 PM me if you're bored!

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I think

I think he's going to say yes, you seem really sweet. Btw good luck and have fun! :P lucky

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aww thank you so much! :)

aww thank you so much! :) good luck to you, too X3
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