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I'm tired... but like... I've done too much today tired, not I don't have enough sleep tired. Ah, but why? You might ask..

Mostly cuz I went to this pretty much the entire freshman grade study session at my school... in which we broke off into smaller, groups, obviously, but... Meh, I feel like I managed to go over a lot anyways. It was helpful... given the right group we didn't end up going over stuffw e didn't need to and went over all of hte stuff we did need to.. which is always the best way to study. xD

What else.. Ohhh yeah, I get to go to this huuuuuge lgbt conference with my school's GSA in march. I mean... it's two days, friday and saturday, and I wouldda gone saturday anyways, but now I get to go friday too. See, issue is I'm not actually part of the gsa due to the fact that I go to that art school, so I had to talk to the teacher person about it, and she's all cool with it, so..

Basically I'm excited. ^^

As far as today, I have a new elective in that art school... I'm taking a sign-language class. American sign language, that is... not english speaking sign language or whatever it is... some craptastic version from when people were convinced that deaf people should all learn to lip-read (Which is hella hard, by the way... it should only be done by people who -want- to learn it, not because some idiots are forcing you to only communicate that way... bleh). So yeah.. that should be fun. ^^

And now.. I'm gonna sleep well tonight. And tomorrow it's project runway again... w00t! xD

*such a lil' gayboy* ^^