ok ive heard it all...

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so im talking to thius random person on fb, that i dont even know, and aperently i have week willpower because i choose to be gay. according to this person, everyone is naturally gay, but most have the willpoiwer to ignore it.
me:so wiat, u think the u r naturally gay?
her; yes, i am tempted by girls. but unlike you, i use my willpower to like guys.(or for you you would us ur willpower to like girls)
i swear, where do they get these ideas?


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cuz they crazy bitch-hoes.

cuz they crazy bitch-hoes.

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I have deduced...

...that this person is either joking, or is clinically insane. Or both.

Seriously? Everybody in human history is/was actually gay? I wish...

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More likely...

...just terribly immature.

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If things worked that way,

If things worked that way, then maybe I'd actually get dates. D:

It sounds like you're talking to a closet case who is trying to justify her epic gayness and the suppression of it. I mean, she admits she naturally likes the ladies, but she forces herself to like guys, and in order to make herself feel better about it, she thinks that everyone else does the same.

Wow, you know, I think she'd get along REALLY great with a certain girl in my French class...

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That sucks...

I think that if every day for a week everyone in the world woke up as a different person, then was put back into their bodies at the end of that week, everything would be a lot better, because usually the problem with people is they just don't UNDERSTAND other people and how they feel, thinking that they HAVE to be right, nothing else is possible.

I'm sorry, man. That blows.

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im mianley sad for this girl, cause she must reeally agonize over her feelings for girls if shes convinced herself of something this far feecthed

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Where do they get these ideas?

The Church.

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True, but you left out

True, but you left out "reality" tv...

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.. Well that's just -weird-.


Well that's just -weird-. oO

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Woah, someone's a closet

Woah, someone's a closet case. (If you can even call this that.) She's obviously gay and she's not okay with it so she's dealing with it in a really... Odd and illogical manner... And now she's taking out on you... Which isn't really fair to you. But it makes you wonder why she'd go out of her way to antagonize you about it. She might be arguing with you in a backwards attempt to convince herself that her crazy theory isn't true. *shrugs*

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A psychologist in the making...

...this idea is so weird, that I think you may actually be on to the underlying truth...