Peaches en Regalia, Clockpunk Dreams (A Reflection For Nobody In Particular)

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Shall we dance in the moonlight clear, dreaming that we can?

We have love without bond, death without mourning, sex without contact.

Nothing can truly be reached, and yet we link hands to speak.

We are one, but we cannot see ourselves.

Separation, pain, hellish longing.

But we are linked, are we not?

We speak in tongues, fearing we may understand what we are saying.

We construct walls, hide behind masks, we push each other away.

We hold each other, help each other, seek each other.

A sin without peer.

A love undesirable.

A faith like no other.

A fear that gnaws.

A link inseperable.

A sacred bond that neither of us shall ever break, and neither of us shall desire to.

'Till death do us part.

From me to you,


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I really

like this Tophat. And where in the world did the title come from? It's so strange but Unique and good.

Kudos. =)

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Thanks! :)

The title is two things. Peaches en Regalia is a song by Frank Zappa. And Clockpunk is the genre of fiction I write. (It's like steampunk, but it's clockwork instead of steam technology.)

This started as a love poem, but evolved into a reflection.


I love you.

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welcome. =) Oh got it, now I'm going to go look up that song. As for the CLockpunk...I followed you, but then I lost you. What language do you speak boy? Lol, I've heard of some different genres of fiction, but I'm not familiar with any of them really. Explain please?

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Steampunk and Clockpunk

They're two genres.

Steamppunk is based off of the idea that Steam technology became the standard form of technology. Clockpunk is similar, except the idea is that clockwork technology runs everything.

For example, a steam pwered computer or car would be Steampunk.


I love you.