Probably the best poem I've written...

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Mostly because I think I slept on it, and formed it overnight. And then kept in mood pretty well. Hm... I know my meter's off, but rhyme-wise I did pretty good.

Alright, I suppose I should name it.

Break the Silence:

You're the one who started this fight-
I honestly had believed that you were right
I tried my hardest to be nice
But my hardest won't suffice-

I find my anger for you strong
No matter what, I'm always wrong
I'm pushed up to the edge, you see
Anger and sadness make up me

I'm a half and half remorseful soul
My happiness has taken it's toll
I can't be around you anymore
It's not like I could before...

You tortured me so, inside and out
My love for you I find I doubt
I want to hate, I want to hurt
To me you're worth no more than dirt

I wish I could just run away
And never see the light of day
You make me feel as if I must
Kill myself to gain your trust

I lost it all, I know that fact
But there's no way I want it back
I want escape from my memories
Of all the times I tried to please

The one who I had called my love
My starlit angel from above
I see now you were just a lie
All you want is for me to die

Should I oblige your simple request?
Or live my life of complete unrest?
I cannot eat, I cannot see
In a room with you and her I cannot be

I want attention, yes it's true
But yesterday was not that issue
I had to run, to live my life
Without you causing me more strife

I find beneath that broken sky
Lives a life that's just a lie
I found there's more if I sit
And just wait to think a bit

To run away is a great delight
I felt like an eagle during flight
No more worries, no more people
My own life where I am youthful

You couldn't possibly understand
The pain that you make me withstand
I remember the times I kissed your face
The most handsome in the human race

I remember fondly all the times
I wrote you poems full of rhymes
As bad as they were, I did it for
The boy who always wanted more

Maybe I just wanted you to know
The feelings that I cannot show...
The ones you felt so long ago...
Are still there, and they grow

I wish they didn't.


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That was both really really good, and really long. Which is good.

You where very clear with the tone, but also managed to give it depth. More importantly, you managed to use rhyme without sounding cheesy.

It's cool.

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Still as I said...


Still, like I said last night, beautful.

Damnit, this just reminds me of how few poems I've written as of late. That's it, get ready for a flood of 'em, I'm going on a spree.


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i haven't

i haven't had a relationship but i know its probably hard to break up. and Dracofangxxx, he doesn't know what he's missing, it's his loss, i wish i knew what to say to comfort you but all i have is that you should surround yourself with things that make you happy and the pain might not go away but it'll dicipate.

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I'd like to point out...

FYI, this was NOT about me. It's about another ex who is not at all caring for her.

Just clearing the air.


I love you.

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ohgod thanks

I seriously should have pointed that out! Sorry! D:
Sometimes I like to sit at night and stare at the lamppost because it's the brightest thing in my life...