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Right now I'm contemplating whether or not I should say something potentially embarrassing to both parties involved. Is it okay to jokingly flirt with someone that you used to have a crush on but wasn't interested in you because he'd rather have a crazy long-distance relationship but it's okay because you care too much about him to care if you're in an actual 'relationship' with him? I just don't know. I don't want to make him uncomfortable.

So he posted his top-surgery photo (post-op only, thank god. I need to see his pre-op photos like I need to chew on glass) to a website where trans people post surgery photos, and he used the same username he always uses, so I knew it was him. Now I've got this incredible urge to mention finding the site and throw in that he's got a nice torso, but I don't want to make him uncomfortable, (I don't mind embarrassing him, but I don't want to make things awkward) and plus, conversely, if he jokingly flirted back, that'd be really bad for my brain. XD;

But on the other hand, I want to make sure he does realize that there's a good chance that most of his trans friends will see any photos he uploads there and know it's him. Mostly because I'd rather not stumble across his bottom surgery photos later on this year when he has bottom surgery photos to speak of. And I mean, I could go the middle route and say something but not make a torso comment, but that's boring. :P

In other news, it's late after a three day weekend and none of my homework is done.

I can't even bring myself to care too much. I believe this is commonly referred to as "Senioritis" Haha.

I'll do it though, it's not as if sleep is something I actually need. :P


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Yay senioritis! Except I got

Yay senioritis! Except I got it when I was a sophomore...and all of my friends were seniors. SIGH.

I have no prior knowledge of the situation, but flirting is fun, so I'd go for it. I mean, I've been known to (jokingly, mostly) flirt with people I'm not even interested in just for fun, so it's not like it means the world! :D


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Aw, rats... now I'm curious.

Aw, rats... now I'm curious. Just cuz I like to see top surgery results, nothing creepy! xD

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