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So I decided that being over/ not wanting a relationship with someone doesn't mean not wanting to see him more often or wanting to talk to him more. I guess it doesn't help that I'm so far removed from most of my friends, like, I hardly ever miss anyone. Just my sister and that guy (Blackbelt boy) really. I'm not interested in romance but I still feel really strongly about him, I'm just not sure what to call it... I don't think it matters though because I'm happy with the way things are between us (minus the whole being afraid he'll think I'm a creep or annoying if I try to see him too often or talk to him too much thing.) So I'm not going to worry about it.

Also, for those of you who are interested... I painted a giraffe ->

It was a gift for a Secret-Santa thing actually. It was very well received; it made me happy, though I couldn't say anything about it. :P

... I got a stuffed frog, which was pretty awesome. (He can be friends with my octopus plushie) =) I have no idea who gave it to me, but they were there and saw me happy with my gift so whatever. I also got a bottle of root beer.

I haven't gotten any surprise gifts from anyone in a -long- time. When my dad gets me stuff he always takes me out to buy it, which is fine, but I like surprises. Though, I'm pretty sure the last time I actually -got- anything at all was for my birthday. I didn't get anything for the holidays. Whatever.

Also, Muse is coming to the US in March but the tickets are -mad- expensive and I don't think I want to pay that kind of money.

Also also, I'm skipping school on Wednesday because there aren't going to be any classes anyway and I'd be stuck in a crowded room all day and have an anxiety attack and nobody likes when I have an anxiety attack so I'm going to stay home and paint instead. :)

I need to write a page of notes now... And then maybe actually start on that goddamn essay. |D;

Also, I seriously need to stop letting people come over/ hang out for a while. They keep inviting themselves to do so (or my dad invites them) and I have a hard time saying no... But I feel like the pressure in my head is slowly building and I could blow at any minute. Ahahaha.

But, I'm pretty sure I'd be a lot more sane right now if I hadn't been spending so much time around my friends recently. That said, I still want to see Sherlock Holmes with Blackbelt-kid soon. But he doesn't count because being around him actually detracts from the stress-o-meter... Most people can't do that. |D


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I know what you mean... I'm

I know what you mean... I'm exactly the same way about Senior. I just feel like because I told him he gets the impression that I do like him... really I just wanna see him for more than two seconds before he leaves for... I think it was gonna be three years? Yeah, somethign like that. I think that's a fair enough request. D:

Ahh well. I hope things get better with your friends soon!

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