rah rah ah ah ah ah

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roma roma ma ga ga ooh la la want your bad romance

sorry, stuck in my head :p

so...we should totally have an oasis convention. we could find a place
to meet and hang out, update people and maybe there'll be a few hook
ups ;D lol that would be awesome, although it'll never happen.

i need a gay best friend. that would be amazing. i've got plenty bi friends
but no gay friends whatsoever.

this was a pointless post...

-words are flowing out like endless rain into a papercup, they slither while they slip away, across the universe. pools of sorrow, waves of joys are drifting out my open mind, posessing and caressing me...-


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Yes! We should! and it

Yes! We should! and it should be like this big bus that travels around picking up the Oasis people and it'll have this giant rainbow on the side and it'll smell like pinapple and we can party in it.

...I can dream, can't I? D:
Sometimes I like to sit at night and stare at the lamppost because it's the brightest thing in my life...

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Haha. I wish! It would give me a break from my boring life.

“Love's not a competition but I'm winning"

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Good idea!!

I would suggest Ohio but its a barren, desolate wasteland right now because of the snow/cold.

<3 FLAME ON! <3

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you definitley got that song

you definitley got that song stuck in my head too! haha.

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... I second the convention

... I second the convention idea. (:


That would be soo cool!! I

That would be soo cool!! I third the convention idea =]