really? right now? reeeally?

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so the last few days ive been super angry that ima queer in a seeming ocean of striaghts. and then today my teacher had to make it THAT MUCH WORSE.
so idk how the discussion started, but we got on desenetization of the youth. which is ok, cause she was talking bout twords violence and bloodiness. but somehow she connected being gay with violence. lets quote her shall we
'if tho vile children exposeth thoselves to violent images and HOMOSEXAULALITY, it will corrupt tho minds that the lord all high hath placed in your lowly skulls'
maybe it wasnt worrded EXACLEY like that, but you get the picture.
currently, im typing up a unnamed letter that im going to put on her desk when no ones looking to tell her she severley hurt one of her students feelings, and this student is considering leaving the school for it. of course i wouldnt really leave the school, but i just want to get the point across how much that hurt me.


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Is this a public school? If

Is this a public school? If so, why is she talking about religion or her opinions on homosexuality? Talk to your administrator and let them know about the problem so they can talk to her. I highly doubt that her opinions of homosexuality have anything to do with the curriculum.

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its a private school

so shes aloud. my only weapon is making her feel sorry enough that shell avoid it in the future

if your ever super sad, just rember, you could have been a blowjob.

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What the fuck

What the fuck, that's so messed up.
I'm sorry =(

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Private schools can be awful

Private schools can be awful at times like these. I go to one. Teachers there can get away with all sorts of bullshit.

I am sick of homophobic teachers injecting their CRAP into the classroom. I've had at least one every year say something stupid and completely get away with it. This year it was my biology teacher saying, "Ew, I hope not" to a guy who jokingly said he was gay. Last year it was my history teacher saying gays can't have families, and the year before it was my science teacher making a huge point of explicitly stating that only opposite-sex attraction occurs.

And then there are the teachers who just sit on their asses, smiling stupidly while some kid threatens to kill all the gays. Like my English teacher.

God, I am so done with this shit. Some teachers SUCK.

Wow, I didn't mean to post a huge rant. XD I'm sorry!

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*glares* you want me to hurt

*glares* you want me to hurt her? *starts takeing out "ear rings"(black/ghetto girl reference... supposed to be a joke)*

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then you would go to jail. and we know what happens in jial.

if your ever super sad, just rember, you could have been a blowjob.

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You know...

I've been looking back at some of the incredibly riddiculous things that the Westboro Baptist Church does, and I no longer get angry. I just laugh at them.
I found their remix of "we are the world" on Youtube and I sing it enthusiastically, just because it's so fun to mock them.
I just thank my lucky stars that I'm not as stupid as they are, and hope that enough people can recognize their stupidity to save the human race.

If one of my teachers said that, I think I would just laugh at her stupidity. Although, that is still a terrible thing to say, as I know not everyone laughs at bigotry, that's just my approach.

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Isn't what happens in jail what most of you are trying to make happen in real life? Not that I'm making a case for it... just sayin' ;-)

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I'm sorry, ferrets, for you having to hear that. Especially from a teacher. I don't remember ever hearing anything like that when I was in school. She's a fool for being so ignorant, and don't you worry about her because you've always got all of us here for you :)

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Awwwww! *HUGS* A man is

Awwwww! *HUGS*

A man is educated and turned out to work. But a woman is educated and turned out to grass.
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*Hugs* my fuzzy Ferret. Go

*Hugs* my fuzzy Ferret. Go now and sick your armies upon her!

Each generation as a whole gets slightly less ignorant than the one before it, and the remaining haters have fewer and fewer places to spread their filth. I actually think the Westboro Baptist Church has probably done more to advance the cause of gay rights than just about any other group in the country, as no sane person wants their views to be associated with those idiots.

Remember that you'll all have your chances to make the next generation of queer kids less fearful, less isolated, and better able to love themselves for who they are. Don't ever pass those up, guys. There aren't too many things in life that will give you so much joy.



- Pat Nelson Childs
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Sorry :(

Sorry :( I know how you feel though... I went to a private school too. Great idea about the note... keep us updated if she apologizes to the class or makes an effort not to say anything...