record level cold here

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So we're having record level cold temperatures here, in GEORGIA. So it's really friggin COLD. And I'm not opposed to cold. But GA generally doesn't get this kind of weather, so I don't really have the warm wardrobe for it. And we never get snow, which I love, but apparently we might have snow flurries/showers on Thursday, so keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm bored and lonely. I'm thinking about my new year's resolutions and wondering how much I'll actually be able to do. I need to have fun, real fun. Make more friends, hopefully gay friends. Learn to be myself despite other people, to just be without having to consider consequences and other people's opinions. Learn to cook and dance. :) Learn everything I can about photography. And just live, truly live my life on my own terms, and be happy.

It's spring semester of Senior year, it's coming down to now or never. I want to have more high school memories, especially since I kinda hate high school, need some good to go along with it.

Well good luck to everybody I guess. I know some people have midterms and stuff with school starting back. Night.