School and maybe a job

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There's this really cute girl in my class that I've been noticing more and more the past couple months. This is a new "liking". I say liking because I don't really know her. For me to have a crush on her, I'd need to at least get a feel for her personality and talk to her. But, anyways, there isn't much of a way for me to talk to her since all we do in my class is sit there and work alone. *shrug* Oh, well, I'll just admire her from a far, in a non-creepy way :P Oh, she wears hoodies(major plus in my books), has a cute haircut, and a sweet voice :) I'll have to write more about her later in the week.

I might be getting a job. A temporary one. My sister is setting up my dad with a job (hopefully!), and apparently there's a place for me as well. I'd love to make some money and gain some work experience. It might even turn into a permanent job. Not sure how I feel about that, though. It would be good money wise and whatnot, but it's in an office :/ Not where I want to work for a long time. Ideally, that is.

Anyways, he's getting the details tomorrow, so we'll see.


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cute girls are littered everywhere...too many at my school
and they're not gay/bi...the cute bi's are my friends :p
cant wait to here more details on her :D

and the job!!! i want a job, but not really...i want the money, but not the
work...haha i'm an incredibley lazy have fricken idea haha

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)

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Same here!

I just assume that every cute girl that I see is straight. They most likely are, although I guess you never know. But either way they wouldn't be interested in me and I'd be too scared to talk to them anyways. lol.

The only reason I really want to get a job is for the money, too. I want a new computer and that costs so much moola.

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O.o what the heck did i write for the last sentence?

anywho, yeah, assuming everyone is straight, but dont we have gaydars?
i dont know if mine works, but most people's do....

i want a computer! but my dad put the money in an account and we get interest and stuff....i guess it's better...kinda :p

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)