Skins starts again

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Oooo...Skins starts it's 4th season tonight!!!! Yippee! I hope somebody posts the episodes online. Can't wait to see new fresh episodes of Naomily XD

Oh, and that girl, Erica, that was on American Idol last night was CUTE. The one that used to be on Barney and Friends. I used to love that show when I was a kid! Anyways she was cute, and she did not need that leather dominatrix suit to prove that she was all grown up ;) Hah.

I just came home from the dentist, so now the left side of my face feels all numb and weird. And I still have that weird taste in my mouth. Yeaahhh. And now I have to wait, like, two hours till the numbness wears off so I can finally eat. Not sure I can wait two hours...

Anyway, hope everybody's having a good day. I didn't go to school today and I'm as happy as can be :)


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Hahahaha, I interpreted that

Hahahaha, I interpreted that as "the left side of my face smells all numb."

I was just like ".. what does numb smell like? oO"

Anywho, I only watched that for nph... I'm a dork like that. But i can't help it that he's attractive and otherwise awesome! D:

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I have no idea what numb would smell like, either. lol.

Personally, I'm waiting for Ellen to get on AI. I haven't liked the guest judges much. Except for, maybe, Victoria Beckham. It's the *hot* English accent and Spice Girls nostalgia that makes me like her XD