slowly entering panic mode

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My common application is due this FRIDAY...and I'm at a loss with the common app essay. I keep changing my mind about my topic, and then I don't know where to start. But I think that now I've got it pinned down to human rights, and how it's important to me, etc. But I'm still kinda lost...though I do perform well under deadlines. Despite that I'm worried, really worried.

Any advice? Inspiring thoughts? Comments to help me get my fingers glued to the keyboard until I'm done? Help...


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best of luck? "This is what

best of luck?

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Ok, before anything else, get your payments in! I waited till the last minute, as I figured it wouldn't take long for them to be submitted. The problem is that even though they where submitted, the website said it took "one to two days" to acknowledge them. Because the website didn't look at the payments, two of my applications where two days late because I had to wait to send them it. I was just about ready to kill something

Essay wise, this is what I did. I either woke up really early or stayed up fairly late, and then I wrote a crappy first draft in one sitting. Then, I edited the crap out of it, and gave it to my parents and friends, and edited it again. The hardest part for me was the first draft, so I just focused on writing something. If it helps, pick a random prompt, and just start writing. Don't worry about anything until you have it finished.

I hope that helps

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You don't do well with deadlines...

Hmm... How long have you had the application? ;-)

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i second what just dave

i second what just dave said--just make yourself sit down and write. writing essays is always kind of a learning curve for me--the first draft is crap, the second one is way better, the third somewhat better, and eventually it gets to where further drafts are pointless. just make yourself write, and keep writing til you have down everything you wanna say.
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