Snow and Oasis members and guests

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It's sorta snowing here. =) It's really snow flurries that have been happening all day, but they've picked up and started to stick. So maybe we'll have actual snow on in the Peach state come tomorrow. **crosses fingers**

It's occurred to me off and on that at certain peak times of Oasis traffic, sometimes the number of guests outnumber the members logged in. I get it, I mean people stalk the site for however long until they feel comfortable enough to join, if they join at all. I stalked Oasis for around a month myself. I know some on here have stalked it much longer. Anyway I was just thinking about how people come on the site and just look around and figure it out for themselves. New members often introduce themselves and then are automatically part of Oasis, which is how it should be. But I just wondered if it might make it easier for newbies if there was like a welcoming message, or maybe a designated forum, possibly some sort of new member adoption match up?

I dunno, maybe it's silly, but I just remember that when I joined everybody was welcoming, but you still have that new kid feeling, which can be unsettling. Oasis is a kind of family, a wacky bunch, but I don't believe we would have it any other way. I've noticed that people join up frequently, so much that if I'm gone for a few days, I notice people who are strangers to me. So maybe there's a way to make the transition easier? To connect people more. I've never seen anyone on Oasis act mean or badly in any way towards another member, but it is an established group, sanctuary that it is, which can be hard to feel part of sometimes. Does anyone else follow with any of this? Or am I just rambling needlessly? Thoughts? Ideas?

For all you newbies, welcome to Oasis, it really is awesome as I'm sure you can see. =) Oh and a lot of us already on here are still newbies ourselves in some ways. I've been here around 5 months and I still feel like one of the new kids, but things are more familiar. Okay I'm done with my really long post now.


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I'd never assume all of them are actually guests. If Google has 30 servers scanning our site at the same time, it's 30 guests. Same for ad servers, spambots, and everything else. So, the number of guests who are people is probably never the number displayed.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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I joined on about a week ago, and I completely agree with everything you said in this post. Pretty much everybody on here is being amazingly welcoming and kind, but you still get this new kid feeling. It's just a little intimidating when people already know each other and each other's pasts. Although, I guess this is no different from any other group, and the best thing to do is just give it time.

By the way, nice to meet you Mandy.