Stuck in the middle...

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Of everything.

And I don't know how to help...

On the bright side, I wrote a new poem.

How You Make Me Feel

You make me realize
It's good to be alive
And that the skies are blue

Butterflies inside
That I thought had died
Now seem to flutter for you...

You're so funny and smart
And you stole my heart
As it seems, right from my chest!

Is it love, or is it a dream?
I almost want to scream
Because you must be the best!

I want you to stay with me
In darkness you're all I see
I'll try so hard to make you smile!

It makes me feel so good
Just like I know it should,
How I hope you'll stay a while!

Your embrace is so sweet
It cannot be beat
Especially your arm around me;

And because you are mine
I'm writing this rhyme
To try and help you to see

That I'm sure that I adore
And would do anything for
my love,
my dearest.


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I'm sure...

Garret will love that poem.


I love you.