Tears of Happiness

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Happiness is always around the corner. Sadly, I always trip and become bruised and battered before I make it around the bend. The wall gets longer and longer as I try to maintain a steady pace, stumbling through the dark, fingers outstretched hoping to feel the end of my long tortured journey. Just when I feel as if I'm making progress, a memory abruptly startles me and I fall to my knees, screaming out at the cold, dark night. The unmistakable tears that cloud my vision leave cool streaks down my face as a gentle wind brushes by me. The uncontrollable tremble of my hands is not from the climate, and I wrap my arms around myself to hold my heart together, slowly sliding down to ground. It's hard. To keep a collected state of mind when everything inside you is telling you that this is wrong. Happiness shouldn't have to be a battle of running to the next destination. I let my head fall into my hands and cry with all my heart, releasing the torrent of emotions inside me. The sound of footsteps is startling, and a small yelp escapes from my chapped lips as I look up through cloudy eyes. The stranger slowly walks toward me, and I can just make out her silhouette as the moon drifts behind a cloud. My heart begins to pound and I scramble to my feet, afraid to feel. Afraid of being hurt. But not before she's standing there in front of me, leaning in close. Our breath is visible between us, and I'm forced to meet her eyes as her gentle hand cups my chin. I'm astounded by the sincere love that I find in her eyes. In her smile. She leans forward, and my eyelids flutter of their own accord, awaiting bliss. But she doesn't grant my wish just yet, instead grazing her lips across my ear, her breath hot on my chilled skin. "I won't hurt you," she whispers softly, reaching up to push the hair off my face. Fear pounds in my head, ensuing a battle with the warmth and love I feel in my heart. Our eyes are locked, and she reaches down to take my hand and place it over her own heart. She then places her other hand on my heart, and we are spellbound in this dark atmosphere, emotions swirling around us as our heads move closer. Her lips only centimeters from my own, she whispers softly to me. "I love you. Forever and Always." The words bring a warmth to my heart and tears to my eyes as our lips meet under the night sky. And for the first time in my life… they're tears of happiness.


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this is so adorable

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)