The wonders of the internet

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I love how every time i need to study or something i always end up on the internet. Finals week! Sooo excited. My aunt just left to go to the airport. She's flying back to Arizona tonight. I'm going to miss her...
I really want to watch The Return of the King...but i do need to study.
Anyway, how is everyone??


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can't complain. A man is

can't complain.

A man is educated and turned out to work. But a woman is educated and turned out to grass.
Pearl S. Buck

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rockin the tv

watchin "the pregnancy pact" and snackin on dinner...i dont have my final till my birthday yippee..

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Awesome. I'm so stressed about finals, but oh well.
Fun way to spend your birthday.

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yeah best thing to do: dont

yeah best thing to do: dont stress. hehe just relax and and not let your brain turn to

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Exactly! I'm just not going to stress and study as best as possible.

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wise. and strong.

great things will come of you young grasshopper..hehe sorry just had a impulse to say that. studying is the best thing you could do.

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Studying is definitely the best in all scenarios.

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but of course. i should

but of course. i should study cause its coming up quite fast. which is great cause its also my birthday!!!

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uuuuh, . . . how do you both

uuuuh, . . . how do you both have finals out of finals season? anyway, I only know the Texas Education System...

"Please hear what I'm not saying. Don't be fooled by the face I wear, for I wear a mask. I tell you everything thats really nothing, and nothing of whats everything, of whats crying within me." - Mask

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we have

We have end of semester finals. So this upcoming week is the last week of our first semester so we have finals and then we have finals at the end of the year.

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my teacher is quite awkward

my teacher is quite awkward and does things out of order...