today i wrote a love letter to a stranger, it goes like this :

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dear stranger,

i don't know you, but everyone tells me one day i'm going to meet you, and that you're gonna be so effing wonderful and that you're going to knock me off my feet and what not. that after i meet you my life is gonna be divided into before you and after you, that you're going to make me so happy it's depressing.

well, show up soon?

seriously, i think i need you right now. maybe you need me too. i promise, i'll be good to you, i'll treat you right.



oh, and i'm quite happy about the gretchen-claire relationship in the TV show heroes. it's cute. <3.


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That was adorable (and meloncholly) but adorable!

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I Fervently Hope...

...that your stranger will soon step forward. It's also very likely that you may have already met... but with raised mutual emotional shields.