Today was so sick!

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I stayed after school for the basketball game. I was in the orchestra room with my awesome sub. and he was playing piano and singing and GOD he's really awesome. I love him X3 he's freakin' fantastic. And he really cares about music, like me. I think he's my hero :D haha. So then I turned around and Garett was there! *blushes* and so we started talking a little, and stuff, and he was like "So why are you here?" and I was like "Oh, staying for the basketball game. Why are YOU here?" And he was like "Waiting before I walk home"

but that doesn't explain why he went into the band room. Except the fact that I was there ;D So I was like "I guess I gotta go. Bye Garret" And I waved and started feeling all fuzzy. And then he was like "Oh... bye Shelby..." and walked out.

AND THEN ON THE WAY TO THE GYM about ten minutes later HE WAS THERE. WAITING FOR ME. Apparently he wanted to stay for the game.

So I sat next to him. And we talked. And talked. And talked. THE WHOLE GAME. TWO HOURS.

Jeez. And so that was fun. We talked and laughed about things like video games and family and awesomeness. And then he stayed for like another half an hour after the game and we talked then too. Cuz Kaylee's mom was late and stuff. And I dunno, he just... *sighhhh* Is so nice to me! He looks me in the eye when we talk and stuff. Hehe. He might not be like the most "handsome" to people, but hey, I still think he's quite charming. I can't tell if he likes me or not though. I mean, I like him AND Jeevan. But I think Garett has a better chance of liking me back...


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I'd Bet He Makes the Grade!

It appears that the two of you are sharing intense mutual feelings --- carefully kept under wraps. Run with Garett... You've portrayed him in a quite adorable way!

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You really think he likes me

You really think he likes me too!? :DDDD
Sometimes I like to sit at night and stare at the lamppost because it's the brightest thing in my life...