Todayyy... todayy... todaytoday... tooooodayyyyy... Okay, okay, I'll stop

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Midterms... math was crazy easy aside fromt eh awkward wording, science was mostly easy but there were a few things she didn't cover.. whatever. ><

Home... made a smoothie. FINALLY. Goddamnit I've been wanting one of those foreverr... and I still have more ingredients. So I can make more. :D

I went to go visit my old middle school... I live about two minutes away from it. It was great, for the most part... aside from when my old teachers started introducing me to everybody by my old name... ohh, and then one was like "This is _____ alias Skylar.." I was like... great.. how 'bout just Skylar next time? oO

And then somebody thought I was one of my old teacher's younger brother... of course, my old teacher doesn't know about me, so he was like "Not quite... we're working on that... although I'm sure you're used to it by now." If you didn't catch that, he was saying he was sure I was used to being thought of as a guy right now.. I was just like "Yeah.... yeah you could say that....."

Anywho, that was fun... after that I went to a basketball game, and I was -definitely- the only white kid there... and I'm -extremely- white.. it was funny..

Erm... my area's teen center.. I have a headache now. So much dancing... so much loud music... it was, fun, though. Apparently I'm really good at white-guy dancing.. *shrugs*

Nyerg. I need a glass of milk or something... unfortunately our milk is currently frozen. Maybe sometime I'll do a journal entry that's not just a list of what I did that day. Whatever.. >>


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your days are fun to read about :)

if your ever super sad, just rember, you could have been a blowjob.

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Hahaha, thanks.

Hahaha, thanks. xDD

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