want to change a prom policy.

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hmm..well i found out a couple of days ago that even if i find a girl to take me to prom she cant cuz it says specifically in the thingy that you must go with a opposite sex. hmmm....can they do that?? i mean im trying to figure out how to change that cuz there are several gay and lesbians coming up and when they are a junior they are gonna want to go to prom with thier gf or bf. thats what i would want. sooo yeah. any advice how to go about this??

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You have to...

figure out at what level this policy is set and go ask that person/group about it. Could be a student committee, principal, school board, not really sure.

The ACLU will also help with this: http://www.aclu.org/lgbt-rights_hiv-aids/whats-your-problem#4

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